Customer Comments and Testimonials

Melcor Developments

"Zircon had been doing signage for Lethbridge Centre and Brad approached us about possibly doing some work for us. We just happened to be going into our busiest time and were gearing up for our Spring Parade 2015 which included show home and directional signage, sandwich boards and map boards. I had been working with 2 other sign companies but was never totally satisfied, so I decided to ask Brad to provide me with a quote for some signage. He not only turned it around quickly but his prices were better than any of the other companies. We have dealt exclusive with Zircon since then because they are extremely efficient, pricing is very reasonable and product is top notch.

Recently, we discovered a sign in one of our communities had been knocked over and the face of the sign being ripped off. When i got back to the office that day, I sent a quick email telling him that I need the sign fixed. Within an hour, he had a quote to me and the sign was fixed and reinstalled the next day. This is just on the many examples when Zircon has impressed us with their efficiency.

They have made my job much easier because I've never had to follow up, remind or question their work. Their products are superior, their timing impeccable and their attitude exceptional. We are very happy to work with Zircon and would recommend and have recommended them to other in the Lethbridge area."   Jessica Olsen



Jake Klassen Plumbing

"I am so happy with the finished product that Zircon Graphics has done for me.  Our logo is not as simple as many, as it includes chrome.  Zircon was able to put decals on our plumbing vehicles that stands out, and for which we hear much positive feedback.  It has made our vehicles moving advertisements that are memorable in people's minds.

We are now needing to purchase another plumbing van, and the first place it will go is to Zircon to get outfitted with our logo.  Thank you, Brad, Wayne and your whole team."   Lacey Klassen